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A multidisciplinary design firm serving clients in the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs area of Southern California. The services we provide our clients include: Website design, website eCommerce builds, mobile/responsive site design, search engine optimization - SEO, as well as video media for the internet marketing or television commercials, email marketing and graphic design for both print or online needs.

At COQUI Solutions we constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Experts in Web Design, Video Media and Graphics and working locally in the Palm Springs area and remotely throughout the world, we are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. We are honest, ethical, and fair in all our activities and always deliver on our promises.

Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs website and Graphic Design

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Web Related Services


Website Design

Websites come in many designs and contain a variety of functionality, and whether your needs include a CMS design (Contant Management System), an eCommerce web store or a more simple html site, COQUI Solutions will work directly with you through all stages of the design processas we build you a fast loading, interactive and stylish internet site.


Online Media

From EPK's, to promotional videos, to marketing media content, COQUI Solution's access to entertainment industry professionals, working with state of the art camera's and post production hardware and software, allows us the ability to bring timely and cost effective Media Solutions to our clients.


Online Stores

With so many eCommerce solutions available today, and each bringing their own custom functionality to the online customer experience, it is our goal to sit down with you and discuss your needs, then evaluate and propose a working solutions that works best for your product or brand that will creates the best user experience for your customers. This is where we come in.



COQUI Solutions has successfully provided a variety of SEO and SEM options for clients that have successfuly improved SE ratings and positions. Remember very few web sites cater to everyone. Most web sites have a specific target audience, usually made up of a large proportion of a single age group, gender, income bracket, etc. A key starting point of SEO is to prep your site so it's content is viewable by the search engines and thus searchable by your target market. This is where COQUI Solutions begins.

Media, Graphics and Copywriting



We have extensive experience designing custom labels from client products as well as labels/Adsfor print and social media marketing. Contacts us below with any questions you may have.


TV Commercials

DC Keeton Home Improvements is a local business that wanted commercials for Spectrum One and HGTV, COQUI Solutions specializes in videos productions for Television advertising.


Copywriting Services

Copy-editing takes your raw material – a website, article, flyer, newsletter – and makes it ready for publication. Its aim is to ensure that whatever appears in public is accurate, easy to follow, and free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition.


Newsletter Emails

Custom emails for email marketing is amazing way to get the word out about your up-coming event, your business or product line.


Flyers and More

Client event graphics and flyersfor printor online presentations.Example #1-Example #2

Contact information


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email and ask. We will get back to you as soon as we have the answer :)