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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine marketing (SEM)? What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? How do I promote my website? Do I have to outsource to a consultant?

These are a few of the questions clients have asked themselves before finding COQUI Solutions.

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We have found SEO and SEM can be extremely confusing to online businesses. Search engines like lots of keyword rich html text, but marketing departments will tell you that your visitors want less. Actually, what humans want is to be able to read the text easily and feel content your site has provided them what they are searching for. This is where COQUI Solutions can assist you.

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COQUI Solutions has successfully provided a variety of SEO and SEM options for clients that have successfuly improved SE ratings and positions

Remember very few web sites cater to everyone. Most web sites have a specific target audience, usually made up of a large proportion of a single age group, gender, income bracket, etc. A key starting point of SEO is to prep your site so it's content is viewable by the search engines and thus searchable by your target market. This is where COQUI Solutions begins.

For additional information pertaining to your sites optimization and/or marketing please contact Stephen directy at: steve@coquisolutions.com