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Mobile Site Designs


Currently mobile devices are considered one of the main trusted platforms for web related content. People love to use their devices to view, add to or update web content while they are not in front of their computers. With the freedom of browsing the internet at anytime, anywhere, mobile website design has become even more important a this is why many website owners have built a mobile version of their website. The reason behind this is they want to capture and utilize the huge market of potential customers who spend more time with mobile phones than with laptops and PCs. The introduction of the iPad, iPhone and the many other mobile devices used today is responsible for the craze of internet browsing through mobile devices and therefore having a mobile version of your website gives you access the the millions on device users arouund the world.

COQUI Solutions is creating branded designs for our clients that allow visitors a better site related experience when they are using a mobile device. Your site will be fully functional and completely accessible via a mobile device just as it is via a computer browser. Your mobile version can be branded to match your full site yet designed in a manner that allows quicker and easier access via a mobile device. For additional information on a mobile version for your site, please call Stephen at (818) 730-8945 or send an email to: inquire@coquisolutions.com

At COQUI Solutions we constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. We are honest, ethical, and fair in all our activities and always deliver on our promises.

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